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Brittany Jefferies

Brittany Jefferies

Lead People Operations Specialist

Brittany has 10 years’ experience in HR with a specialization in training and development. Her passion is supporting employees and leaders with what they need to be successful. Brittany’s philosophy is that solutions and tools are best when simple, smart, and effective. Her goal when working with clients and employees is that everyone enjoys their profession and feels a sense of satisfaction each and every day.

One of Brittany’s professional accomplishments she is most proud of is expanding her HR knowledge outside of recruiting and onboarding to professional development and training. When working with new hires, she likes to take time to walk new employees through orientation and onboarding, guiding them through the benefit enrollment process and payroll set up. In her experience she has found that this is a great opportunity for employees to understand what employers can offer them, which helps them to want to stay over the long-term. She also supports more comprehensive solutions like training a room full of managers on how to effectively lead their teams.

When working with clients, Brittany works to ensure that clients and employees alike understand that HR experts are available as a resource, not always as the “work police”. Often employees are unaware of the training opportunities within their own companies and she loves to work to ensure career paths and internal opportunities are understood within the organization. With hiring and retaining top talent a key concern of businesses in the Permian Basin, connecting employees to these resources is critical.

When Brittany is not training the best in the Basin, she enjoys traveling, jet skiing at the lake, and spending time at the ranch with her family and friends. [For a Training & Development Quote click here]