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Top 5 Ways to Planning Productively

Using your planner to create lasting habits and organize your week, month, and year for your ultimate success.

I don’t know about you, but I need to write everything down. Appointments, birthdays, lunches, and trips are scattered about on post-it notes, in planners, or in emails sent to myself just so I don’t forget. While it seems like a good system, I can assure you it isn’t. I can’t find my post-it notes, the planner is not with me, and my emails are just as messy as my junk drawer at home. A few years ago, I made the switch to using my planner to its fullest protentional. Using a planner (whether it be a physical planner or an app on your phone) and all of the functions that it comes with can truly be a game changer when it comes to organizing your life at home, and work. Here are five tips for planning productively and optimizing your success!

1. Determine which type of planner you will be using!

Do you feel more comfortable writing everything down, or would you prefer to keep your activities on a planner that can be shared with others? Both are wonderful ways to stay organized, and it truly is a personal preference. If you are still deciding, try both for a month and see which works best for you! For actual planners, consider Plum Paper or Golden Coil. Both allow you to create your planner and add pages that best fit you. For digital planners, consider ClickUp or Friday. Most email hosts have a planner built in as a feature as well.

2. Create your planner code!

This planner hack is perfect for keeping you organized. Everything that goes in your planner has a coordinating color/sticker/whatever code you create. I personally use colors. My appointments are one color, my work appointments are another color, and my trips are their own color. You can use as many colors as needed, but keeping everything separated helps keep you organized.

3. Set aside 5-10 minutes at the beginning of each week to update your planner!

For me, the time for planning productively is Monday morning. I go back through what has already been added and add any other details that may have been left out. This time allows me to confirm appointments and update the to-do list that most planners allow you to create. Even if it’s the tiniest item, add it to your to-do list to free the brain space. Add your workouts, add your work meetings, and you can even add your tee times! Once everything has been added, you now have a better idea of your week and your availability when you’re asked to lunch one day.

4. Keep everything in one spot.

I know your planner isn’t always with you, and you may get caught writing something down on a post-it. It happens, and it’s ok! Just make sure that post-it is added to the planner! Keeping everything in one spot allows for easy access to information as needed. Most physical planners have extra pages in the back for you to keep notes in. For example, these pages are great for important phone calls, doctor’s appointments, and information you need to keep handy, like phone numbers. Digital planners also have space for you to keep extra information. Find these areas and use them to their fullest potential!

5. Quit fighting yourself.

You’ve done all this hard work. You’ve coordinated, you’ve planned, and you’ve organized everything you can organize. Now, quit fighting it and use the darn planner. Most of us are frustrated that we can’t recall information as quickly as we once could and try as we might, we still can’t. Rather than text someone to ask them or wait until someone calls to confirm. Just use the planner. Set alerts or reminders on your phone if needed and take heart in knowing that you are on your way to not forgetting anything this week.

There you have it! Five hacks for planning productively! I know it may seem daunting and challenging to keep up with, but you now have the tools to succeed! When you need it, please refer to this blog and remind yourself of these hacks to get you back on track! We would love to be included in your planner; call us today to set up an appointment to review your resume!