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Book Review: Atomic Habits

A review on the best-selling book Atomic Habits by James Clear

Do you ever stop and think about how many habits you have already built into your day?  Your morning routine, your workout routine, the routine you have at work, and the routine you have before you go to sleep.  Some of these habits are great, and some, well, not so much.  The resolutions we make every year are often difficult to keep, and the old, bad habits are almost impossible to break.  In Atomic Habits by James Clear, you will learn how to form good habits that will last, break bad habits, and how to create the systems needed for long-lasting results.  

Take a moment to think about all of those resolutions that have fallen by the wayside for so many years.  The problem isn’t you. You are capable of doing these things.  The problem is the lack of systems. As Clear states, “You do not rise to the level of your goals.  You fall to the level of your systems.”  The habits that we have, good or bad, shape our identity.  Clear walks you through the steps of shaping the identity that you want to have and then how to create the systems to get there.  

In this book, you will learn how to: create a schedule that allows you to make time for your new habits, overcome a lack of motivation, adapt your mindset, and create an environment that will make succeeding easier. Atomic Habits will retrain how you set goals, how you achieve those goals and make sure those goals have long-lasting results.  Struggles such as weight loss, ditching cigarettes, or even just getting in some more time for your family can all be solved with the strategies provided in Atomic Habits.

Reading through this book helped me recognize where I was lacking in creating support systems for my goals and how to implement these new systems. For those that are struggling with maintaining habit changes and achieving goals, this book would be a wonderful read! If you’re ready to bring your atomic habits into the workplace, click the link below and let us know!